Audience feedback from Romeo & Juliet at Theatro Technis, April 2019

“Absolutely brilliant…funny, moving, had it all”

“Best Shakespeare production I have ever seen”

“What an amazing, uplifting performance”

“That was beautiful, epic, moving and very well devised, presented and performed. A great company of talented performers and directors. Please do this show again”

“I’m absolutely blown away. I laughed, I cried ( a lot), I cheered and clapped. Please do this again!”

“Excellent ambitious performance, great dancing and powerful performances. Please do more, I can’t wait”

“The best Romeo & Juliet I’ve seen. Loved the costume, props, masks and casting”

“So moving, beautifully choreographed…the imaginativeness of the production brought tears to my eyes”

“They are great actors”


Audience feedback from Moonhead & The Music Machine 2017:

"By turns charming, moving, hilarious, exuberant... it was utterly wonderful! "

"Absolutely blown away by the whole performance. Emotional, inspirational team."

"Fantastic show. It put a big smile on my face. Thank you! "

"Amazing structure, organization, and incorporation of entire cast. A pleasure to watch. Very impressed. "

"This was an amazing performance and I could watch it all over again."

"A beautiful, emotional experience. Thoroughly engaging, exciting, and deeply human. I loved it-encouragement, inclusivity, camaraderie all evident. So much fun."

"I wish there were more shows like this! "

"The actors' vitality and energy was very infectious--an uplifting experience. The story had an interesting message. The costumes and props were a perfect fit for a graphic novel adaptation. The performance was ambitious and wonderfully inclusive of everyone. "


General feedback from performers, family and carers: 

"Since my sister has been going to QQF she has grown in confidence in group situations and in sharing her opinions. She loves sharing all the aspects of craft and drama she's now involved in. She gets so much pleasure from her time with QQF and this impacts in a very positive manner in the rest of her daily life. Her recent participation in the Moonhead show was a personal triumph for her."

"QQF is giving my son the opportunity to go out and interact with his peers."

"He loves performing and the social interaction he has with others in the group. We find QQF to be well run and very well organised and the teachers are friendly and approachable. When I ask X how his day has been he says 'brilliant!'"

"It gives X confidence... helps him to meet others and learn to socialise."

"QQF is so beautiful."

"X has always been very shy...he is a very happy man now."

"QQF makes me more confident"

"Make me happy...not sad."

"My daughter is learning new skills and her self confidence is growing. She enjoys the varied activities and meeting her friends. The staff are supportive and experienced."